Delta Practical Rimfire Series 2022


This is an individual match and will have 2 matches hosted by Delta Optical NZ. Each match will have a shot count of minimum 150 rounds over 12 stages. To be eligible for the main prize, you'll have to enter and compete in both matches as your scores will be combined to determine the winner of the series. The courses will be setup to simulate a typical NRL/PRS Hunter match.

Targets will be ranged between 10m- 300m from various positions. 

On the day, you will need the following:

1. Rifle, Scope and  Bi-Pod.

2. Standing rifle Tripod or similar. Not compulsory. Rests will be provided.

3. All rifles must be suppressed.

4. 200 Rounds SUB Sonic/max 1070fps

5. Vaccine pass as per government regulations (this might change depending Covid status)

6. You will have to bring your own drink and food (Unfortunately we are not allowed to provide any as per Covid Red light rules) 

Date: 26 March 2022

Venue: 320 Wilsons Road South Head, Auckland

Time: 9 am Start

Entry: $70 p/p per match 

Cash will be accepted on the morning of the match.
Please get in contact if you have any further questions -