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The Delta Stryker HD 4.5-30x56 FFP Riflescope is perfect for fast, precise shooting to targets located at different, unknown distances.

Ideal for target shooters or a long range hunters, this awesome scope from the Stryker HD range from European brand Delta is sure to impress.

ED glass significantly reduces chromatic aberration throughout the entire magnification range. In addition, top quality, multi-layer, anti-reflective coatings ensure unsurpassed contrast and well-defined, sharp images of your target. These features, combined with the 34mm tube and 56mm objective lens allow this awesome long range scope to perform well in low light conditions.

The wide magnification range makes this scope fantastic for short, mid and long range shots. Parallax is correct with a side focus knob, and the first focal plane reticle grows and shrinks as you move through the magnification range so it won’t obscure your target when you most need to see it.

Your Stryker scope is available in three illuminated first focal plane Miliradiant-based (MIL) reticles; LRD-1P, LRD-1T, DLR-1, so there’s sure to be a reticle that works well for your style of shooting and preference. All three reticles are designed to that they don’t obscure the target in the full range of magnification, allow quick estimates of the distance to your target with known dimensions, and allow for rapid bullet drop correction alongside windage and velocity corrections.

Your Stryker scope from Delta comes with lockable open turrets that are comfortable to use even with gloves on. A ZeroLock mechanism allows you to set a limit for elevation after zeroing your riflescope at a preferred shooting distance. The lock allows you to easily to make corrections for elevation without taking your eyes off the target!

Adjustments are easy and convenient to convert into metric units (1 Mil = 10 cm at 100m) and correspond with the riflescope’s clicks - 1 click is 0.1 MIL (10mm).

A sleek and robust 34mm diameter tube provides vertical adjustment up to 300cm and allows you to mount your riflescope on a weapon with a caliber of up to .50 BMG.

All these brilliant features come in a compact body with the length of just 365mm and a weight of just 1014g.

Delta Stryker HD 4.5-30x56 FFP Riflescope (Illuminated LRD-1T, LRD-1P, DLR-1 Reticle)


  • ED glass
  • First plane MILL reticles - LRD-1T, LRD-1P and DLR-1
  • Sturdy and reliable 34mm tube
  • Waterproof
  • Side focus parallax
  • Lockable exposed turrets
  • ZeroLock elevation turret
  • Suitable for use on rifles with a calibre of up to .50 BMG


  • Magnification - 4.5-30x
  • Objective lens diameter - 56x
  • Angular field of view - 4.72-0.71°
  • Linear field of view at 100m - 8.3-1.2m
  • Exit pupil - 8.8-1.9mm
  • Eye relief - 81-97mm
  • Water resistance - 0.3kg/cm2
  • Weight - 1014g
  • Length - 365mm
  • One click - 0.1 MIL
  • Max. elevation / windage adjustment range - 30 / 15 MIL
  • Tube - 34mm
  • Parallax adjustment - Side focus (23m - ∞)
  • Diopter adjustment range - -2D / +3D
  • Reticle position - First focal plane(FFP)
  • Nitrogen filling- Yes
  • ZeroLock - Yes

LRD-1P / LRD-1T reticles

  • Maximises fast and effective range determination, accurate windage corrections and moving target leads as well as fast holdovers at low magnifications
  • Centre of the reticle is an illuminated 0.045 Mil target point with illuminated markings surrounding it that form the cross

  • Extra fine line thickness (0.03mrad) inside 1.0 mrad from centre, for better ranging and aiming possibilities at long ranges
Fast unique 0.1 mrad correction from centre of the reticle, with accuracy down to 0.05 mrad
Wind corrections with 0.1 mrad accuracy from centre of the reticle for the first mrad

LRD-1T reticle

Enables fast and accurate wind corrections and easy holdover

  • When there is no time for dialling turrets the consistent 0.2 mrad graduations in the reticles allow for fast and accurate point of target corrections

DLR-1 reticle

  • Central illuminated dot has a diameter of 0.07 Mil (7 mm).
  • Thin crosshairs of just 0.05 Mil (5 mm) with thick 0.4 Mil (40 mm) posts. Crosshairs are divided by special markings into lengths of 0.2, 0.5 and 1 mil (25, 50 and 100 mm respectively).
  • Additional ranging scale which allows for accurate measurement of the target in the upper magnification range with an accuracy of up to 0.1 miles (10 mm)