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The Delta Stryker HD 5-50x56 SFP Riflescope is designed for sport shooters who are passionate about long-range shooting in F-Class/Benchrest competitions. This awesome long range scope works perfectly where extreme precision is required and single points decide about victory.

Proud users of the Stryker HD 5-50x56 are, among others, Christer Jacobsen, who is a Swedish F-Class 2017 winner and Adam MacDonald, who has won the following 2018 championships: The DCRA F-Class National Championships in Ottawa, Eastern Canada F-Class (FTR) Championship and Atlantic Championship in New Brunswick.

High quality extra low dispersion glass guarantees bright and sharp images and significantly reduces chromatic aberrations. In addition, this awesome glass greatly improves colour reproduction. High quality, multi-layer, anti-reflective coatings ensure unsurpassed contrast and well-defined, sharp images of your target. These features, combined with the 34mm tube and 56mm objective lens allow your awesome Delta scope to perform well in low light conditions.

Parallax is corrected with a side focus knob from 10m to infinity.

Available in three specially designed illuminated second focal plane reticles there’s sure to be a reticle that works well for your preference. All are placed in the second focal plane, so that the size of the reticle does not change as the magnification increases. Basic zoom for measuring the size of the target or for estimating distance is 40x.

Your Stryker scope from Delta comes with lockable open turrets that are comfortable to use even with gloves on. A ZeroLock mechanism allows you to set a limit for elevation. After zeroing the riflescope at a desired shooting distance, the ZeroLock is used to make corrections only in elevation and prevents you from lowering the point of impact below your defined limit.

The click value of your Stryker 5-50x56 HD is 0.05 MIL which is paired with the Miliradian (MIL) based reticles: the DLS-1 and DLS-2. The reticles have been designed to correspond with the click of the scope - 1 click = 0.05 MIL (5mm). Your Stryker 5-50x56 HD is also available with a simple yet effective DLS-3 MOA reticle which has 1/8 MOA clicks.

A sleek and robust 34mm diameter tube provides vertical adjustment up to 300cm.

Delta Stryker HD 5-50x56 SFP Riflescope (Illuminated DLS-1, DLS-2, DLS-3 Reticle)


  • ED glass
  • Second plane reticles - DLS-1, DLS-2 in MIL and DLS-3 in MOA
  • Sturdy and reliable 34mm tube
  • Waterproof
  • Side focus parallax
  • Lockable exposed turrets
  • ZeroLock elevation turret


  • Magnification - 5-50x
  • Objective lens diameter - 56x
  • Angular field of view - 4.04-0.41°
  • Linear field of view at 100m - 8.3-1.2m
  • Exit pupil - 7.1-0.7mm
  • Eye relief - 7.2-1.1mm
  • Water resistance - 0.3kg/cm2
  • Weight - 1100g
  • Length - 363mm
  • One click - 0.05 MIL
  • Max. elevation / windage adjustment range - 100 / 50 MOA
  • Tube - 34mm
  • Parallax adjustment - Side focus (10m - ∞)
  • Diopter adjustment range - -2D / +3D
  • Reticle position - Second focal plane (SFP)
  • Nitrogen filling- Yes
  • ZeroLock - Yes

DLS-1 reticle

  • Precise target point covers only 0.03 Mil (3 mm) at a distance of 100 m! 0.005 Mil (0.5mm) crosshairs in the horizontal and vertical have markings spread in increments of 0.2 and 1 Mil (20 and 100 mm/100m respectively) for quick and easy adjustements to the projectile drop and windage correction
  • Great at low magnifications (7 - 10x), when the target point is 0.17 - 0.12 Mil (17-12 mm respectively), also due to the convenient day-night illumination

DLS-2 reticle

  • Precision in pure form
  • Two thin 0.005 Mil (0.5 mm 100 m) crosshairs intersect in the centre at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Nothing can distract the eye of a shooter providing an optimal overview of the field.
  • In the intersection there is a central illuminated target point.

DLS-3 reticle

  • Equivalent to DLS-1 reticle, but scaled in MOA. The aiming point covers 0.1 MOA (2.91 mm) at a distance of 100 m.